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Enhance your online retail business with our sophisticated nopCommerce solutions, designed to improve performance and optimize your e-commerce store.

nopCommerce Features

Future Ready for Your Industry

Inbuilt Bargaining Feature

nopCommerce's unique virtual bargaining integrates real-world retail dynamics, empowering users to set prices and quantities dynamically. This distinct feature enhances engagement, boosting sales without additional marketing efforts.

One Page Checkout Process

The streamlined one-page checkout of nopCommerce prioritizes mobile shopping, reducing friction for swift purchases. This user-centric approach enhances customer satisfaction and retention.

Highly Scalable

nopCommerce excels in scalability, providing a seamless experience capable of handling up to 100,000 products. This feature ensures optimal performance even with extensive inventories. Businesses can benefit from the ability to manage large product catalogs, contributing to a high-performing e-commerce platform.

Multi-step Personalization

nopCommerce presents detailed personalization options, catering to products with multiple customizable parts. This unique feature delivers an advanced level of customization, allowing users to tailor products precisely to their preferences.

Customer Insights with Google Analytics

nopCommerce excels with full Google Analytics integration, offering comprehensive customer insights and robust data tracking capabilities. This feature empowers businesses with detailed metrics for informed decision-making.

Machine Learning-based Product Suggestions

nopCommerce employs advanced machine learning for personalized buying suggestions, enhancing the customer shopping experience uniquely.

Our Services

Build and Optimize Your Online Platform

Count on our proficiency in nopCommerce for all your needs, whether establishing an online store for your business or optimizing your existing setup.

Custom e-Commerce Stores

Transform your online presence with our comprehensive custom e-commerce stores on nopCommerce. Our expert team specializes in creating unique online retail environments tailored to your business. Enjoy features like virtual bargaining, streamlined checkout, and scalability for extensive inventories. With detailed product personalization, full Google Analytics integration, and advanced recommendations, our solutions ensure a seamless shopping experience.

Multistep Product Configurator

For complex product categories like ‘Design Your Table,’ traditional options fall short. In such cases, a multistep product configurator becomes indispensable. Our solution seamlessly guides users through a step-by-step process, allowing them to customize each element of the product. Key features include configurator buttons, customizable admin settings, real-time combined product images, individual quantity options, and flexible price display preferences.


We accelerate your nopCommerce site with Elasticsearch, installed directly on your server. As an open-source, cost-free option, it ensures rapid response times, even with extensive databases exceeding 100,000 products. Offering geo-localized searches and simplified tools for filters, sorting, and aggregations, Elasticsearch stands out for its unmatched speed.