Range Of Solutions

Types Of Software We Develop

We specialize in diverse software solutions, spanning enterprise management, e-commerce, data analytics, and web apps. Our commitment to innovation ensures high-quality, custom products for your business needs.

Customer Relationship Management

Experience a holistic view of interactions, streamlined sales processes, and empowered decision-making through our flexible, secure platform. With the efficiency of .NET Core, our solution encourages team collaboration, fostering exceptional customer engagement and driving business growth.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Seamlessly managing resources across departments, our ERP solutions offer real-time insights, automation, and scalable customization. Enjoy enhanced collaboration and top-tier security, empowering informed decisions and streamlined operations.

Human Capital Management

Powered by .NET, our HCM solutions streamline HR processes, from employee data management to payroll and performance tracking. Experience seamless integration with third-party services, top-tier security, and customizable functionalities designed specifically for your business needs.

Supply Chain Management

Our SCM solutions offer end-to-end visibility, from procurement to logistics, enabling streamlined operations and informed decision-making. Experience efficient order fulfillment, and enhanced collaboration across your supply chain network.

Shopping Cart

Powered by nopCommerce, our solution revolutionizes online retail, providing a user-friendly interface, robust security features, and customizable options. Easily manage products, streamline checkout processes, and offer customers a tailored shopping journey.

Custom Web Apps

Using a blend of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and frameworks like React, Angular, Flutter, and Blazor, we build web applications from scratch that satisfy your requirements stylishly.


Technologies We Work With

We foster strong, dependable partnerships and continuously enhance our expertise, staying at the forefront of the latest advancements in software technology.



Modern and sophisticated

Harnessing the versatility and cross-platform capabilities of .NET, we build custom solutions based on your business requirements. Our comprehensive development process spans architecture, implementation, and deployment, ensuring seamless integration with an array systems. With a sharp focus on performance optimization and robust security, our team’s proficiency in .NET guarantees the creation of efficient, scalable applications.


Versatile CMS

Kentico offers a comprehensive suite of features, including customizable CMS, e-commerce, and robust online marketing capabilities. Its intelligent automation and A/B testing empower seamless campaign management and optimization. Kentico’s standout benefits include ease of use, scalability, seamless integration, top-notch security, and unparalleled functionality. With multivariate testing and a dedicated email application, it’s a powerhouse solution for diverse marketing needs.


Comprehensive e-commerce solution

Leveraging nopCommerce’s versatile platform, we specialize in engineering scalable, industry-specific online stores for fashion, health, automotive, industrial, and global markets. Our expertise extends to creating robust B2B solutions and user-centric furniture retail platforms. With over 70,000 successful stores worldwide, nopCommerce integrates advanced functionalities, multi-currency support, and international compliance, ensuring a smooth online retail experience.


The Best Software For Your Business

At every stage of production, we maintain unwavering commitment to quality standards. We understand the paramount importance of delivering high-quality software to maximize customer engagement.

Defect Density
Across all our projects, irrespective of complexity, our target is to achieve a defect density of fewer than one defect per thousand lines of code.
Code Coverage
We prioritize code optimization to maximize automated test coverage across our projects.
We're dedicated to consistently reducing both MTTD and MTTR across all our projects.
Delivery Time
We consistently meet our project deadlines, often delivering either on time or even slightly ahead of schedule. Typically, our deliveries fall within a 5-10% margin of the initial estimated timeline.